What remarkable feats has your pet completed today?

Not chewing through another laptop charger cord probably doesn’t cut it. At least not when you compare it to the accomplishments of one Wallace the Mad King, a leporine resident of Brooklyn, New York, whose talents are showcased on a video released over the weekend.

Please bear witness to what this flop-eared fella can do: 

Now before you start asking all sorts of logistical questions about how the beer gets in the cart, or can Wallace the Mad King pick the cart back up now that he’s knocked it over, stop right there and look your own sweet dog, cat, or gerbil in the eye. Right in the sweet little eye. And ask yourself if this friend of yours is about to push a cart of anything for you.

We might not have a Wallace here at Peabody’s, but we’ve got plenty of friendly humans willing to fetch you a beer from our extensive list, so stop on down and see us on Main Street.


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