When it comes to beer, people tend to have a pretty strong feeling one way or the other about the IPA variety. Love or hate that hoppy brew, its place in the beer world isn’t really up for debate. For a lot of enthusiasts, and certainly plenty of the IPA lovers who make their way into Peabody’s to check out the extensive beer list, Dogfish Head is a major name in the game. This month, we’ve got something pretty exciting planned for you Dogfish fans. We call it Beer Science Night, and you don’t want to miss it!¬†

What is this now?

You mean Beer Science Night isn’t descriptive enough for you? Basically, you come here to Peabody’s (544 North Main Street in Oshkosh), where you’ll get to meet Dillon Beyer from Dogfish Head and check out a couple favorite IPAs on draught. You’ll even get to meet Randall.

Who’s Randall?

Not who – what. Randall is short for Randall the Enamel Animal, and it’s a nifty contraption that gets attached to a tap (in this case it’ll be the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA) that lets you run the beer through a chamber of herbs, spices, whole-leaf beer… things that make it even tastier! Read all about Randall here, and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to come in for this!

What Else Can I Drink?

Well, technically you can have anything we serve, silly, but on this particular occasion we’ll also be featuring the Dogfish Head 61 Minute on draught. Sixty-ONE, you say? The one is for wine! Yup, this 60-minute IPA’s got a touch of California syrah grape must. Sound just crazy enough to love? Come in and try it with us.

Okay, I’m in! When?

Join us here at Peabody’s for Beer Science Night on Friday, ¬†November 14th from 8pm-10pm. Meet Dillon, check out Randall, try the IPAs, and enjoy!



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