Live Music Downtown Oshkosh

If you like to get out and hear some live music now and then — presumably that’s most people — you might feel like it’s not always easy to figure out where something is happening on a given evening. Here at Peabody’s we regularly showcase local and regional bands both inside the bar and outside in the Sideyard (weather permitting). 

If you’re out on a Sunday trying to stretch that weekend as far as it will go, come down for a staple of the Oshkosh downtown music scene, the long-running Jazz Orgy. Made up of core members who have been with the group for years and a regularly rotating mix of local musicians to keep things fresh week after week, the Jazz Orgy is definitely worth checking out. Think you’re not into jazz? Give it a try — this isn’t your elevator’s smooth sounds. The energy is infectious and the talent is undeniable. You’ll be glad you came down.

We’ve also got local musicians playing at our Sideyard during Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays while that’s still going on. Think low-key, acoustic, folksy… the kind of stuff that nicely accompanies a bunch of people milling around buying beets. But in a good way. Have a beer while you’re here — it’s the weekend, after all.

On weekend nights and sometimes during the week, that’s when you’ll be more likely to find music of a wider variety — rock bands in particular fare well here on those Friday and Saturday nights. Expect a packed bar and a bit of a wait in line for the bathroom — but it’ll be worth it.

Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on what acts we’ve got coming up in the near future. Are you in a band that you think would be a good fit to play at Peabody’s? Come talk to us!


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