Got your new year’s plans sorted out yet? If you’re looking for a way to spend New Year’s Eve in Oshkosh 2014-2015, your friends here at Peabody’s are always here to make sure you have a great night. Right on Main Street, we’ve got a heated outdoor area, great atmosphere, and we’ll be having a DJ night as well to keep your evening bright. Count down to 2015 with your friends at Peabody’s — our extensive beer list and friendly, everyone’s-welcome vibe is good for groups large and small.

Now for some New Year’s Eve Do’s and Don’ts to help make your night as pleasant as possible: 

DO – Wear what makes you most comfortable. Yes, some people go all out for New Year’s like it’s a formal affair, and to each their own. You might just be much happier in your normal drinking uniform of jeans and a hoodie. At Peabody’s you’re definitely always welcome to come as you are.

DON’T – Overdo it before midnight. You’ve got the whole night for that, right? The last thing you want is to not remember the countdown (Did I kiss anyone? Oh, crap.) or to make your friends in charge of dealing with your nonsense while their night is just getting started. Pace yourself and enjoy a long night of fun.

DO – Have dinner! This goes along with that previous Don’t, but it’s worth its own bullet point. If you want to make it for the long haul, you need a solid base of fat and carbs so your alcohol friends are in good company and not just zipping all over your bloodstream plotting your slow painful demise tomorrow morning. The answer: pizza. Always pizza. And if you do forget, we can throw one in for you.

DON’T – Be too superstitious. Some people think their New Year’s Eve has to go perfectly or the whole next year is soiled beyond repair. That’s just not how it works. Don’t sweat it. If everything goes wrong, well, come watch the Rose Bowl with us on the first and we’ll make you forget all about it.


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