Oshkosh Halloween 2014

You probably already got this memo, but Halloween is on a Friday this year. Yikes. When it falls on a weeknight, at least half the people are confused about which weekend night is the designated party night and a chunk of them will get it wrong, Weeds out a bit of the riff-raff. Not this year, though. No ambiguity about the big night to go out and transform your modest zombie costume into a more nuanced “highly inebriated zombie that won’t stop talking.” We all want to see that, and we want to see it on Friday October 31st. Now the only question left to ask is: where should you and your friends go for Oshkosh Halloween 2014?

Peabody’s, of course! Always good for a nice-sized weekend crowd, Peab’s will be all the more action-packed on a special event night like Halloween. In addition to the regular reasonably-priced drinks and specials, you’ll want to make your way to 544 North Main street for the live music!

The SNB Band will be on deck from 9:30pm until we’re ready to shut the night down, bringing you classic rock covers all night long. Based in Oshkosh, SNB lists Peabody’s as one of their favorite places to play, and Friday’s Halloween party should be no exception. Songs on their current (and growing) list of tunes they cover we think might be just right for the occasion?

  • Beast of Burden
  • Born to be Wild
  • Blood and Roses
  • Honey Bee (Some nice lady always dresses up as a bee)
  • Midnight Hour
  • Secret Agent Man
  • Strange Brew
  • Sympathy for the Devil

Who knows, they might even be throwing in a few special Halloween-centric songs for the occasion. Monster Mash, perhaps?

We invite you to come down to Peabody’s on Main Street to celebrate Halloween this year, but as always please plan ahead and be safe. Have a driver lined up, call a cab, don’t take candy from strangers… you know the drill. We’ll see you on Friday!



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