Whether you love being Irish or love pretending to be every march (much to the chagrin of the real Irish, no doubt, until they have enough whiskey and/or beer in them to stop caring — shouldn’t take long), it’s about that time to celebrate. You know the drill: green attire, green beer (lots of it), and enough shenanigans to tide you over til the next big drinking holiday (I don’t think that’s Easter, but you do you). The question is: Where and when? We’ve got the answers you seek for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day in Oshkosh 2015. Here’s what’s happening downtown:¬†

Parade & Party: The parade & party will be held on Saturday, March 14. The tent party starts up at 2:00pm at 547 North Main with an Irish band, and the parade kicks off on Main Street from Ceape to Irving at 4:00pm. AFter that there’ll be more music and partying until 11pm.

Peabody’s:¬†Need someplace to hop back and forth to during the day, or a good atmosphere for keeping the party going after the tent shindig shuts down? Come see us at Peab’s of course! We’ve got plenty of beer and good cheer all night.


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